Why do we have to “spray the nose”?
In regards to the respiratory system, it is something that everyone should not overlook. Because it is breathing, bringing dirt or germs directly into the body. There will be germs or foreign substances mixed in the air and we have to breathe in every day. When the germs accumulate too much It makes the nasal mucosa become inflamed easily.

Many people, when they have a cold, runny nose, and difficulty breathing, that means you have respiratory or nasal problems. or even having symptoms of fever together with that What you should do for initial treatment is to rinse the nose with pure saline. is cleaning Washing dirt out of the nasal cavity is a primary cleanse, but it doesn’t cure or พ่นจมูก relieve symptoms.

But what will help in the treatment Relieve inflammation of the respiratory system, the primary really is the “nasal spray” medicine.When you have respiratory problems, flu, shortness of breath, and a runny nose, a “nasal spray” will help treat the initial symptoms as well. It’s an option to treat yourself before going to the doctor.

So what is a “nasal spray” ? Let’s get to know each other first.
A “nasal spray”, also known as a “nasal spray”, is a type of aerosol medication. with solvents and other drugs is an ingredient There are differences in the treatment of each drug that is ingredients. It is packaged in a package that comes with a sprayer. It is a nozzle for spraying into the nasal cavity with a press on the “nasal spray” to administer the drug to be dispersed in the form of an aerosol of the same density. Every time you do a “nasal spray”, the medicine is given into the nasal cavity evenly, not too much or too little, so why do we have to do “nasal spray”?

The use of “nasal spray” is not only an initial treatment for inflammation of the respiratory tract. Rather, it cleanses the nasal cavity. There are some “nasal sprays” that do more than cure. But it can help in other things too. that enters through the nasal cavity as well

· Helps alleviate symptoms
The most common symptoms of nasopharyngitis are nasal congestion, tightness in one or both nostrils. runny nose all the time If it is severe in some patients with tinnitus. Pain behind the ear as well Which the above symptoms, treatment with the “nasal spray” method will help alleviate the symptoms well. Helps reduce inflammation of the muscles, mucous membranes, reduce swelling of the nasal mucosa. It is an initial treatment that can be done on its own when there are such symptoms.

· Helps treat symptoms
When you have nasopharyngitis Then leave it untreated, it will cause side effects such as severe or frequent nasal inflammation. will cause a heavy headache in the occipital area Symptoms are evident during waking up. will feel tired Unusually lightheaded and dizzy These symptoms are the result of previously untreated nasal septum, nasal congestion, or symptoms of chronic rhinitis. causing side effects Therefore, “nasal spray” medication can help in treating nasal inflammation. Reduce swelling of the nasal mucosa. Based on the above symptoms, if you have nasopharyngitis, flu, or runny nose, then treating it initially with a “nasal spray” can help relieve symptoms and prevent other complications as well.

Helps prevent
In the group of people who have flu symptoms, runny nose, and frequent problems with the nasal cavity. That means you’re at a higher risk of developing allergies. No matter what type of allergy It’s not good for the body either. because it will lower the immunity And there are problems with other complications as well, so we have to deal with these complications by using the drug “nasal spray” to prevent various germs. To enter through the respiratory system into the body, drugs such as “nasal spray” will spray aerosol sprays throughout the nasal cavity and surrounding areas, helping to prevent germs around the nasal cavity as well. Disinfection in the surrounding climate causing no germs around the nose Once inhaled, no germs will pass through your respiratory system. and will not cause inflammation or infection afterwards

Nowadays, the well-known “nasal spray” There are many choices in the market. Each brand is different in terms of price and features. You should choose a “nasal spray” that is appropriate for your symptoms. Choose the right one for the right treatment, because the “nasal spray” we can do every day will help relieve symptoms, treat symptoms, and prevent germs. You can choose a “nasal spray” that helps kill germs in the nasal cavity. will help prevent various pathogens that comes in when you breathe outside air. This is the best defense you can do yourself.

The “nasal spray” has a number of important features that can help you lead a safe life. in the current climate prevent other complications that will result in future health deterioration. You have a healthy respiratory system. easy breathing