The “nasal spray” to cure what?

Many people probably know the group of diseases related to the nose very well. Because the nose is an important part of the body. to have to breathe air to circulate within The first step is to filter the air. Filters dust before it passes into the respiratory system. But every breath through the nose brings in germs, dirt, foreign matter as well. It is the cause of diseases related to the nasal cavity, such as air allergy. sinusitis Rhinitis or even frequent weather changes Affects the body, causing flu symptoms, sneezing, runny nose, it is also considered a disease directly related to the nasal cavity as well.

problems related to rhinitis or nasopharyngitis that can be caused by heredity or not taking care of yourself allow chronic symptoms for a long time until the occurrence of nasopharyngitis And most importantly, there are factors that provoke symptoms easily with the surrounding environment, dust, fur, and weather changes that can trigger inflammation in the nose. Causing nasopharyngitis is a disease that many people are constantly on.

When you already have a chronic disease related to the nasal cavity, such as allergies, sinusitis, frequent flu nosebleed These diseases are seen in many individuals. It is a chronic disease that cannot be cured completely. However, continual treatment is needed to keep the symptoms from getting worse. If there is a trigger, symptoms will occur again. Therefore, we must continue treatment with basic methods such as “nasal spray” medication or see a doctor for advice on self-care when suffering from these diseases.

The use of “nasal spray” drugs can treat a variety of symptoms of nasopharyngeal disease. It’s not just a cure, a “nasal spray” can also help prevent symptoms. Clean the nasal cavity, kill germs, viruses as well. By categorizing diseases related to the nasal cavity that can use the drug “nasal spray” to treat or relieve symptoms into 3 large groups as follows:

rhinitis treatment

In diseases directly related to the nose seen in most patients there is rhinitis or disease in the nasal cavity that causes inflammation which is a chronic inflammation in the nasal cavity This is because the immune cells in the body are over-stimulated. then induce inflammation and swelling of the nasal mucosa causing the airway to narrow until it is difficult to breathe If left for a long time will cause severe inflammation, swelling, bruising, pus, other types of complications if not treated quickly. Most people use a “nasal spray” as a primary treatment. Before the symptoms become severe, “nasal spray” can be used to treat nasopharyngitis, flu, and severe nasal congestion. Due to swollen nasal mucosa, external inflammation, inflammation inside the nasal cavity well and quickly Therefore, the use of “nasal spray” is the most popular treatment.

Allergy treatment

Allergy groups are subdivided from rhinitis groups. that can be divided according to the symptoms of the disease is allergy There will be swelling in the nose, runny nose, stuffy nose, and non-allergic rhinitis is a severe type such as rhinitis, etc. The disease is classified as a group of rhinitis.

Most of the diseases with obvious nasal problems are allergic. The most common triggers are dust, fur, mold, พ่นจมูก cockroach fragments, fur and pollen, or too hot or too cold. will clearly provoke symptoms In which there will be an initial treatment method with a “nasal spray”. Allergy sufferers will use the “nasal spray” method to relieve the initial symptoms. When symptoms begin, they can either use a “nasal spray” immediately, or if there is a trigger when the weather changes, they can “spray the nose” immediately before symptoms appear.

The symptoms of allergies are currently being treated. or prevent allergy Not to occur in many ways, such as taking vitamin supplements taking antihistamines Nasal rinsing to reduce the accumulation of germs. But the most popular is the “nasal spray”, which has a product in the nasal spray category. to choose from a variety of Different from the ingredients of the drug and natural extracts as well. It is often used to help relieve symptoms caused by allergies such as stuffy nose, sneezing, runny nose, etc.

Treatment in the sinus group

When you’re diagnosed with sinusitis The first thing your doctor will suggest is Initial treatment and prevention of sinusitis symptoms Doctors will recommend a “nose spray” method for patients with symptoms of sinusitis. To take care of the cleanliness of the nasal cavity as much. and clean the nose regularly These features can be used as a basic care method that uses a spray “nasal spray ” to spray inside the nose by yourself every day. To clean and disinfect the inside of the nose to prevent it from accumulating until it can cause sinusitis.

But there is a difference of medicine “nasal spray” in the treatment of sinusitis, a small group of other species is a drug used to treat sinus disease is a drug “nasal spray” containing the drug Steere. Yroid is the main ingredient. Helps in reducing inflammation of the nose directly Reduce swelling of the mucous membrane inside the nasal cavity. Caused by inflammation, sinusitis, or chronic sinusitis can help prevent more serious or other complications.