Is the “nasal spray” a natural extract or not?

Breathing brings germs into the body through the nose and mouth. It is the introduction of pathogens directly into the body. Through the nose that some germs are screened, some germs can pass into the respiratory tract. When a large number of germs accumulate, it can cause respiratory problems later on. Most people are interested in eating herbs to increase the immune system for the body. The herbal ingredients can be transformed into oral pills or “nasal spray” pills . There are many brands to choose from. You can choose to use it according to your needs to treat the disease. prevent germs build immunity according to the suitability of each individual

Drug “nasal spray” (the nasal Spray) is a product that is a combination of the drugs used to treat symptoms caused by abnormalities within the nasal cavity. conjunctivitis redness inside the outer nostril Colds or allergies, such as a runny nose, stuffy nose, sneezing, are the first symptoms that are mild to the gastrointestinal tract. In medicine, a “nasal spray” comes with a sprayer that is used to spray directly into the nostrils. Ready to press to help administer the drug in aerosol form. This causes A to use the aerosol of the drug to be dispersed in equal amounts every time when spraying the nose.

Many brands of “nasal spray” contain a variety of ingredients. We will not include drugs that will help treat each symptom. Each brand of drug has different properties to treat patients according to the discretion of the prescribing physician. But let’s look at the ingredients that are important helpers like “herbs” that are included in each brand of “nasal spray” pills. In most cases, each herb has different benefits. some are used to treat Some are used to kill germs some help prevent In this article, we would like to collect the most popular herbs that are used as ingredients in the “nasal spray” pills to explain the benefits and capabilities of each one clearly.

Natural extracts that are popularly used as ingredients in “nasal spray” medicines

Garlic Extract

Garlic is a popular herb used in cooking and medicinal purposes. It is a plant that has outstanding features that are different from other plants. Because garlic contains many important substances that provide medicinal and nourishing value. It is rich in sulfur or large amounts of sulfur. reduces inflammation and help antioxidants And there are nutrients that are beneficial to the body in other areas as well.

So why is garlic used to make medicine “nasal spray” because it has an antimicrobial effect? Including some bacteria and fungi: allicin, allyl sulfide, allyl disulfide is the essence in garlic herb It has an antifungal effect that causes ringworm on the skin. And the important one is allicin. It has anti-fungal activity that causes infection in the body, especially in the lung organs. When the drug “nasal spray” uses garlic as an ingredient, allicin is effective in killing bacteria and fungi. as well

Most “nasal spray” pills extract the garlic herb in a form. Garlic Extract Powder It is widely used as a raw material in “nasal spray” products . or used as an ingredient in beverages and health care products Enriched with natural properties

Extract from “Peppermint”

Many people must have heard of a medicinal plant called peppermint, or in Thai name, mint leaves, for sure. It is a herb that helps people feel refreshed. It can be used as medicine or to cook food. and are beneficial to health in many aspects In medicine, peppermint has a cooling effect, has a pungent taste. Help in the circulatory system of the lungs and liver to balance, and in the “nasal spray” pills are popular to use peppermint as an ingredient as well. Most are extracted in the form of water and powder, depending on whether the “nasal spray” is a “nasal spray” or nasal drops.

The peppermint ingredient in the “nasal spray” is refreshing, and the peppermint oil has a pungent aroma. Can stimulate the central nervous system, relieve fatigue and relieve fatigue and enliven refreshed and more energetic if the drug is “nasal spray” form of powder in the herb peppermint, where Tu extract in powder form. Success will have a higher concentration will be used to mix in the drug “Nasal Spray” amount of 0.5%-1.5% of the total mixture. (Depending on the strength and spiciness of each brand), the resulting peermint powder may be white or light brown. according to the type of scent That is extracted from real raw materials, making each brand of “nasal spray” pills use herbs like peppermint as another main ingredient.

Extract from “Longan”

Longan is one of the best known fruit. It is a sweet fruit, พ่นจมูก but if you eat too much, it will cause the body to heat from the inside. But the key to produce the nutrients that are beneficial to many body types can be made by the pharmaceutical drug “nasal spray” is a blend of fruit extracts in it. It is a selection of longan extracts that are significant in the polyphenol group in high quantities. Helps prevent virus well, in which the drug “nasal spray” uses concentrated longan extract for preventing viral infections. only in small quantities This extract can be sprayed on the throat and nasal passages twice a day, morning and evening. which can be effective immediately Both the physical action is to prevent the adhesion of the virus to the epithelium. and bioactivity to prevent inflammation

The drug “nasal spray” that contains components of longan extract. Suitable for use in preventing all types of virus infections. including the COVID-19 virus The special concentrated longan extract has the ability to reduce the adhesion of the virus on the soft mucous membranes. whether in the nasal cavity and throat effectively It is the first herb developed to be used to effectively and safely reduce nasal and throat infections. does not cause side effects