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Is the “nasal spray” a natural extract or not?

Breathing brings germs into the body through the nose and mouth. It is the introduction of pathogens directly into the body. Through the nose that some germs are screened, some germs can pass into the respiratory tract. When a large number of germs accumulate, it can cause respiratory problems later on. Most people are interested in eating herbs to increase the immune system for the body. The herbal ingredients can be transformed into oral pills or “nasal spray” pills . There are many brands to choose from. You can choose to use it according to your needs to treat the disease. prevent germs build immunity according to the suitability of each individual

Drug “nasal spray” (the nasal Spray) is a product that is a combination of the drugs used to treat symptoms caused by abnormalities within the nasal cavity. conjunctivitis redness inside the outer nostril Colds or allergies, such as a runny nose, stuffy nose, sneezing, are the first symptoms that are mild to the gastrointestinal tract. In medicine, a “nasal spray” comes with a sprayer that is used to spray directly into the nostrils. Ready to press to help administer the drug in aerosol form. This causes A to use the aerosol of the drug to be dispersed in equal amounts every time when spraying the nose.

Many brands of “nasal spray” contain a variety of ingredients. We will not include drugs that will help treat each symptom. Each brand of drug has different properties to treat patients according to the discretion of the prescribing physician. But let’s look at the ingredients that are important helpers like “herbs” that are included in each brand of “nasal spray” pills. In most cases, each herb has different benefits. some are used to treat Some are used to kill germs some help prevent In this article, we would like to collect the most popular herbs that are used as ingredients in the “nasal spray” pills to explain the benefits and capabilities of each one clearly.

Natural extracts that are popularly used as ingredients in “nasal spray” medicines

Garlic Extract

Garlic is a popular herb used in cooking and medicinal purposes. It is a plant that has outstanding features that are different from other plants. Because garlic contains many important substances that provide medicinal and nourishing value. It is rich in sulfur or large amounts of sulfur. reduces inflammation and help antioxidants And there are nutrients that are beneficial to the body in other areas as well.

So why is garlic used to make medicine “nasal spray” because it has an antimicrobial effect? Including some bacteria and fungi: allicin, allyl sulfide, allyl disulfide is the essence in garlic herb It has an antifungal effect that causes ringworm on the skin. And the important one is allicin. It has anti-fungal activity that causes infection in the body, especially in the lung organs. When the drug “nasal spray” uses garlic as an ingredient, allicin is effective in killing bacteria and fungi. as well

Most “nasal spray” pills extract the garlic herb in a form. Garlic Extract Powder It is widely used as a raw material in “nasal spray” products . or used as an ingredient in beverages and health care products Enriched with natural properties

Extract from “Peppermint”

Many people must have heard of a medicinal plant called peppermint, or in Thai name, mint leaves, for sure. It is a herb that helps people feel refreshed. It can be used as medicine or to cook food. and are beneficial to health in many aspects In medicine, peppermint has a cooling effect, has a pungent taste. Help in the circulatory system of the lungs and liver to balance, and in the “nasal spray” pills are popular to use peppermint as an ingredient as well. Most are extracted in the form of water and powder, depending on whether the “nasal spray” is a “nasal spray” or nasal drops.

The peppermint ingredient in the “nasal spray” is refreshing, and the peppermint oil has a pungent aroma. Can stimulate the central nervous system, relieve fatigue and relieve fatigue and enliven refreshed and more energetic if the drug is “nasal spray” form of powder in the herb peppermint, where Tu extract in powder form. Success will have a higher concentration will be used to mix in the drug “Nasal Spray” amount of 0.5%-1.5% of the total mixture. (Depending on the strength and spiciness of each brand), the resulting peermint powder may be white or light brown. according to the type of scent That is extracted from real raw materials, making each brand of “nasal spray” pills use herbs like peppermint as another main ingredient.

Extract from “Longan”

Longan is one of the best known fruit. It is a sweet fruit, พ่นจมูก but if you eat too much, it will cause the body to heat from the inside. But the key to produce the nutrients that are beneficial to many body types can be made by the pharmaceutical drug “nasal spray” is a blend of fruit extracts in it. It is a selection of longan extracts that are significant in the polyphenol group in high quantities. Helps prevent virus well, in which the drug “nasal spray” uses concentrated longan extract for preventing viral infections. only in small quantities This extract can be sprayed on the throat and nasal passages twice a day, morning and evening. which can be effective immediately Both the physical action is to prevent the adhesion of the virus to the epithelium. and bioactivity to prevent inflammation

The drug “nasal spray” that contains components of longan extract. Suitable for use in preventing all types of virus infections. including the COVID-19 virus The special concentrated longan extract has the ability to reduce the adhesion of the virus on the soft mucous membranes. whether in the nasal cavity and throat effectively It is the first herb developed to be used to effectively and safely reduce nasal and throat infections. does not cause side effects


The nasal spray is suitable for children or adults.

trouble breathing Rhinitis, flu, and runny nose can happen to people of all ages, whether young or old. the elderly This is normal for the body. This may be influenced by many factors. Whether the body is directly weakened or caused by the environment that causes trouble breathing, runny nose, germs that carry dirt into the nasal cavity and cause internal inflammation. It can be a trigger for chronic nasal inflammation.

If you have shortness of breath or feel a slight pain inside the nasal cavity Try the self-check method. By closing one nostril at a time and inhaling (do not open your mouth), if that nostril is narrowed or congested, it will be noticeably difficult to breathe in. This may indicate initially that shortness of breath is caused by abnormalities in the nasal cavity. Or the nasal cavity may be inflamed inside.

It’s a good idea to do an early checkup that you can do yourself. along with treatment Alleviate symptoms on their own as well. When you have the symptoms listed above, the first thing to understand is that the symptoms are individual, whether they occur in children or adults. how severe the inflammation inside the nose is If the symptoms have just begun, they should be treated with the use of “nasal spray” drugs, which “nasal spray” drugs will help to relieve symptoms. When the nasal cavity is inflamed, there will be symptoms of shortness of breath, runny nose, and constriction of the nasal mucosa. In some patients, the mucous membranes may be compressed to the point of nosebleeds. which is a very bad symptom It can cause complications if not treated promptly.

In the use of “nasal spray” to treat nasal inflammation. It can be treated for all genders and ages, which are clearly separated in each age range. However, with the use of “nasal spray”, the most important thing is to understand your symptoms first whether the model is strong or not. And whether some of the active ingredients in the “nasal spray” contain medications that cause allergic reactions. It is something that everyone has to assess their own body first to see which medicines they can take and พ่นจมูก which ones can’t. To prevent the risk of allergic reactions to the following drugs may result in more harm than good

suitable for children

When it comes to “nasal spray” for children, in most markets, many brands will stipulate that: It can be used in children aged 3 years and over. It is not recommended for children under 3 years of age because in young children, when there is a respiratory problem, there is a very high risk. If assessed incorrectly or treated incorrectly or use the wrong medication There is a detrimental effect on life. Therefore, when a young child has a problem with a cold, a runny nose, or has difficulty breathing. Should immediately see a doctor for treatment or advice. It will be the best solution for more children.

suitable for adults

During the age of a healthy body, a “nasal spray” can be used for initial treatment. by observing their own symptoms If you have difficulty breathing, a runny nose, a blocked nose, or pain inside the nasal cavity You can use the drug “nasal spray” to spray for internal treatment. Can kill germs in the nasal cavity at all. Spray 2-3 times a day or every 6-8 hours to increase the efficiency of preventing various airborne pathogens from entering the nasal mucosa easily.

In the adult age, “nasal spray” users are divided into two groups, which are more sensitive and more vulnerable to complications, but still can use “nebulizers”. nose” can also participate in the initial self-treatment as well.

pregnant women

In a group of pregnant women, a “nasal spray” can be used to treat primary nasal inflammation. which has no effect on the unborn child This is because the drug is used externally and directly on the skin inside the nasal cavity. Therefore, it does not affect the unborn child. However, before the expectant mother chooses to use each brand of “nasal spray”, she can consult a doctor first. to select a brand with no residue The safest for the unborn child

Breastfeeding women

Among lactating women, “nasal spray” can also be used when they have nasal inflammation, runny nose, and blocked sinuses, because “nasal spray” is a type of aerosol. and the aerosol will stick to the area of ​​the nasal cavity to treat that specific point causing no effect on breast milk Mothers can breastfeed normally because the “nasal spray” is not an oral medication. and then dissolve and react within the body or injected into a vein where the drug will spread throughout the body May be contaminated with milk extraction. Therefore, lactating women can use the “nasal spray” drug without any residue.

suitable for the elderly

In the elderly group, “nasal spray” can be used as well as other groups. The elderly are the weakest. Because there may be congenital disease or muscle weakness that has been used for a long time. As a result, the elderly group who will use “nasal spray” will have some restrictions that may be aware of, such as steroid-containing nasal sprays. will not benefit the elderly group because it will affect long-term health When the elderly get too much steroids With accumulated residues, there will be symptoms of fainting, exhaustion, constipation that can follow later.


The “nasal spray” to cure what?

Many people probably know the group of diseases related to the nose very well. Because the nose is an important part of the body. to have to breathe air to circulate within The first step is to filter the air. Filters dust before it passes into the respiratory system. But every breath through the nose brings in germs, dirt, foreign matter as well. It is the cause of diseases related to the nasal cavity, such as air allergy. sinusitis Rhinitis or even frequent weather changes Affects the body, causing flu symptoms, sneezing, runny nose, it is also considered a disease directly related to the nasal cavity as well.

problems related to rhinitis or nasopharyngitis that can be caused by heredity or not taking care of yourself allow chronic symptoms for a long time until the occurrence of nasopharyngitis And most importantly, there are factors that provoke symptoms easily with the surrounding environment, dust, fur, and weather changes that can trigger inflammation in the nose. Causing nasopharyngitis is a disease that many people are constantly on.

When you already have a chronic disease related to the nasal cavity, such as allergies, sinusitis, frequent flu nosebleed These diseases are seen in many individuals. It is a chronic disease that cannot be cured completely. However, continual treatment is needed to keep the symptoms from getting worse. If there is a trigger, symptoms will occur again. Therefore, we must continue treatment with basic methods such as “nasal spray” medication or see a doctor for advice on self-care when suffering from these diseases.

The use of “nasal spray” drugs can treat a variety of symptoms of nasopharyngeal disease. It’s not just a cure, a “nasal spray” can also help prevent symptoms. Clean the nasal cavity, kill germs, viruses as well. By categorizing diseases related to the nasal cavity that can use the drug “nasal spray” to treat or relieve symptoms into 3 large groups as follows:

rhinitis treatment

In diseases directly related to the nose seen in most patients there is rhinitis or disease in the nasal cavity that causes inflammation which is a chronic inflammation in the nasal cavity This is because the immune cells in the body are over-stimulated. then induce inflammation and swelling of the nasal mucosa causing the airway to narrow until it is difficult to breathe If left for a long time will cause severe inflammation, swelling, bruising, pus, other types of complications if not treated quickly. Most people use a “nasal spray” as a primary treatment. Before the symptoms become severe, “nasal spray” can be used to treat nasopharyngitis, flu, and severe nasal congestion. Due to swollen nasal mucosa, external inflammation, inflammation inside the nasal cavity well and quickly Therefore, the use of “nasal spray” is the most popular treatment.

Allergy treatment

Allergy groups are subdivided from rhinitis groups. that can be divided according to the symptoms of the disease is allergy There will be swelling in the nose, runny nose, stuffy nose, and non-allergic rhinitis is a severe type such as rhinitis, etc. The disease is classified as a group of rhinitis.

Most of the diseases with obvious nasal problems are allergic. The most common triggers are dust, fur, mold, พ่นจมูก cockroach fragments, fur and pollen, or too hot or too cold. will clearly provoke symptoms In which there will be an initial treatment method with a “nasal spray”. Allergy sufferers will use the “nasal spray” method to relieve the initial symptoms. When symptoms begin, they can either use a “nasal spray” immediately, or if there is a trigger when the weather changes, they can “spray the nose” immediately before symptoms appear.

The symptoms of allergies are currently being treated. or prevent allergy Not to occur in many ways, such as taking vitamin supplements taking antihistamines Nasal rinsing to reduce the accumulation of germs. But the most popular is the “nasal spray”, which has a product in the nasal spray category. to choose from a variety of Different from the ingredients of the drug and natural extracts as well. It is often used to help relieve symptoms caused by allergies such as stuffy nose, sneezing, runny nose, etc.

Treatment in the sinus group

When you’re diagnosed with sinusitis The first thing your doctor will suggest is Initial treatment and prevention of sinusitis symptoms Doctors will recommend a “nose spray” method for patients with symptoms of sinusitis. To take care of the cleanliness of the nasal cavity as much. and clean the nose regularly These features can be used as a basic care method that uses a spray “nasal spray ” to spray inside the nose by yourself every day. To clean and disinfect the inside of the nose to prevent it from accumulating until it can cause sinusitis.

But there is a difference of medicine “nasal spray” in the treatment of sinusitis, a small group of other species is a drug used to treat sinus disease is a drug “nasal spray” containing the drug Steere. Yroid is the main ingredient. Helps in reducing inflammation of the nose directly Reduce swelling of the mucous membrane inside the nasal cavity. Caused by inflammation, sinusitis, or chronic sinusitis can help prevent more serious or other complications.


Many people think that not excretion is not a problem. Just use laxatives to help excrete them as well. But that’s not a good solution. in fact Laxatives have a stimulating effect on the motility and peristalsis of the intestines. As a result, the intestines contract harder and harder. To drive waste out as quickly as the effect of the drug. When excreting, I feel pain and cramping in my stomach more than usual.

So laxatives are only effective for a short time. But the serious consequences are The body will no longer respond naturally to excretion. but will wait for พ่นจมูก the laxative order alone As a result, that person suffers from chronic constipation.

It is recommended that eating foods that are high in fiber or fiber. It will help the excretory system return to its balance. and work at full efficiency

What are the benefits of “nose spray”?

Everyone knows that the “nose” is an important organ of the body. To help in breathing, bring the air into the first respiratory system. and filtered into circulating within the body But what comes with breathing is dirt. Foreign objects that pass through the nose into the body itself. The obvious impurities are Dust that we can see with the naked eye Then invisible to the naked eye That means we can’t know that. What we breathe through the nostrils Are there any germs that are mixed in with or not?

Currently, the disease that directly affects the breathing of dirt into the nose is the most. rhinitis which is a chronic inflammation in the nasal cavity This is because the immune cells in the body are over-stimulated from within the body such as Body overheating, fever, resulting in a runny nose, flu, or even external triggers such as dust, the weather, the breathing environment brings foreign substances into the body. Then when the germs accumulate in the nasal cavity, causing inflammation and swelling of the lining of the nasal cavity. causing the airway to narrow until it is difficult to breathe finally breathing hard

Many people turn to prevent germs from entering the body by using the “nasal spray” drug that is now very popular. Because it’s not just a drug that will help in the treatment of rhinitis anymore. Rather, it is to maintain cleanliness inside the nose by means of “nose spray” by itself, choosing to prevent germs from entering the body easily.

The “nasal spray” category has an effect by constricting the blood vessels in the nasal mucosa. causing the nasal mucosa to swell Make the symptoms of nasal congestion clear up. The “nasal spray” type shrink tube works faster than the oral form. It is effective within 5-10 minutes after spraying or instilling the drug immediately. making it widely popular

Therefore, we would like to summarize the benefits that can be obtained when using the “nasal spray” drug.

heal and relieve Inflammation in the nasal cavity

Initial treatment of inflammation in the nasal cavity should use a “nasal spray” method to help relieve symptoms. The injection of the drug “nasal spray” to treat when there is inflammation inside the nose. It will be a specific treatment that can be treated immediately. See fast treatment results within 10 minutes, you will feel relieved nose. breathing more easily If done correctly, it will help relieve symptoms quickly. It’s not the same as taking pills. It will take effect more slowly than the direct “nasal spray” type.

Cleaning and disinfecting the nasal cavity

As for the cleaning of the nasal cavity, in the previous period, the method of rinsing the nose with pure, low-alkali saline was preferred. does not irritate the skin Can be cleaned for both children and adults But nowadays popular methods are quick and easy. The more obvious effect is to “spray the nose” by spraying. within the nasal cavity immediately will clean the inside It can kill germs and dissolve mucus. clear the airway to breathe more freely In the market now, there are also saline nasal sprays available in the market. Can be directly cleaned inside the nose Absolutely clean

Prevents germs from outside

Many brands of “nasal sprays” today contain antiseptic ingredients. that can eliminate germs in the nose immediately or germs around the nose as well Can trap and prevent viruses that spread in the air from entering the nasal mucosa. Filters out germs and viruses that enter the body through inhalation. As a result, many people use a “nasal spray” regularly, spraying when going in a place where there is a lot of dust. Or crowded areas that are at risk of contracting various viruses, carry a “nasal spray” with you every time.

Treatment of various types of respiratory diseases

The group of diseases that have problems with sinusitis is sinusitis. chronic nasopharyngitis air allergy which is the disease group that has the top patients of nasal problems Therefore, it is commonly used to treat or relieve symptoms with medication “nasal spray”. In some patients who do not have severe or severe symptoms, use “nasal spray” to prevent more severe symptoms. or in some groups of diseases such as air allergies, when there are triggers, dust, weather changes I have symptoms come up immediately. This group will use a “nasal spray” drug in spraying to kill germs and wash away dirt in the nasal cavity to prevent the symptoms from becoming more severe and พ่นจมูก causing other complications.

However, it’s important to understand before using a “nasal spray” when you are using a nasal spray. Side effects may occur later. which are rare, such as headache, palpitations, rapid heartbeat, lower blood pressure, or some may have nosebleeds If using the drug and having such symptoms, you should immediately stop the “nasal spray” and see a doctor immediately. Because there may be some drugs that cause allergic reactions. directly affects the body Which users may not know beforehand that they are allergic to which drugs, if forced to continue to use the “nasal spray” drug may cause rhinitis from the drug, therefore, the use of non-standard “nasal spray” drugs is not recommended. There is no clear medical documentation.


Why do we have to “spray the nose”?
In regards to the respiratory system, it is something that everyone should not overlook. Because it is breathing, bringing dirt or germs directly into the body. There will be germs or foreign substances mixed in the air and we have to breathe in every day. When the germs accumulate too much It makes the nasal mucosa become inflamed easily.

Many people, when they have a cold, runny nose, and difficulty breathing, that means you have respiratory or nasal problems. or even having symptoms of fever together with that What you should do for initial treatment is to rinse the nose with pure saline. is cleaning Washing dirt out of the nasal cavity is a primary cleanse, but it doesn’t cure or พ่นจมูก relieve symptoms.

But what will help in the treatment Relieve inflammation of the respiratory system, the primary really is the “nasal spray” medicine.When you have respiratory problems, flu, shortness of breath, and a runny nose, a “nasal spray” will help treat the initial symptoms as well. It’s an option to treat yourself before going to the doctor.

So what is a “nasal spray” ? Let’s get to know each other first.
A “nasal spray”, also known as a “nasal spray”, is a type of aerosol medication. with solvents and other drugs is an ingredient There are differences in the treatment of each drug that is ingredients. It is packaged in a package that comes with a sprayer. It is a nozzle for spraying into the nasal cavity with a press on the “nasal spray” to administer the drug to be dispersed in the form of an aerosol of the same density. Every time you do a “nasal spray”, the medicine is given into the nasal cavity evenly, not too much or too little, so why do we have to do “nasal spray”?

The use of “nasal spray” is not only an initial treatment for inflammation of the respiratory tract. Rather, it cleanses the nasal cavity. There are some “nasal sprays” that do more than cure. But it can help in other things too. that enters through the nasal cavity as well

· Helps alleviate symptoms
The most common symptoms of nasopharyngitis are nasal congestion, tightness in one or both nostrils. runny nose all the time If it is severe in some patients with tinnitus. Pain behind the ear as well Which the above symptoms, treatment with the “nasal spray” method will help alleviate the symptoms well. Helps reduce inflammation of the muscles, mucous membranes, reduce swelling of the nasal mucosa. It is an initial treatment that can be done on its own when there are such symptoms.

· Helps treat symptoms
When you have nasopharyngitis Then leave it untreated, it will cause side effects such as severe or frequent nasal inflammation. will cause a heavy headache in the occipital area Symptoms are evident during waking up. will feel tired Unusually lightheaded and dizzy These symptoms are the result of previously untreated nasal septum, nasal congestion, or symptoms of chronic rhinitis. causing side effects Therefore, “nasal spray” medication can help in treating nasal inflammation. Reduce swelling of the nasal mucosa. Based on the above symptoms, if you have nasopharyngitis, flu, or runny nose, then treating it initially with a “nasal spray” can help relieve symptoms and prevent other complications as well.

Helps prevent
In the group of people who have flu symptoms, runny nose, and frequent problems with the nasal cavity. That means you’re at a higher risk of developing allergies. No matter what type of allergy It’s not good for the body either. because it will lower the immunity And there are problems with other complications as well, so we have to deal with these complications by using the drug “nasal spray” to prevent various germs. To enter through the respiratory system into the body, drugs such as “nasal spray” will spray aerosol sprays throughout the nasal cavity and surrounding areas, helping to prevent germs around the nasal cavity as well. Disinfection in the surrounding climate causing no germs around the nose Once inhaled, no germs will pass through your respiratory system. and will not cause inflammation or infection afterwards

Nowadays, the well-known “nasal spray” There are many choices in the market. Each brand is different in terms of price and features. You should choose a “nasal spray” that is appropriate for your symptoms. Choose the right one for the right treatment, because the “nasal spray” we can do every day will help relieve symptoms, treat symptoms, and prevent germs. You can choose a “nasal spray” that helps kill germs in the nasal cavity. will help prevent various pathogens that comes in when you breathe outside air. This is the best defense you can do yourself.

The “nasal spray” has a number of important features that can help you lead a safe life. in the current climate prevent other complications that will result in future health deterioration. You have a healthy respiratory system. easy breathing