What are the benefits of “nose spray”?

Everyone knows that the “nose” is an important organ of the body. To help in breathing, bring the air into the first respiratory system. and filtered into circulating within the body But what comes with breathing is dirt. Foreign objects that pass through the nose into the body itself. The obvious impurities are Dust that we can see with the naked eye Then invisible to the naked eye That means we can’t know that. What we breathe through the nostrils Are there any germs that are mixed in with or not?

Currently, the disease that directly affects the breathing of dirt into the nose is the most. rhinitis which is a chronic inflammation in the nasal cavity This is because the immune cells in the body are over-stimulated from within the body such as Body overheating, fever, resulting in a runny nose, flu, or even external triggers such as dust, the weather, the breathing environment brings foreign substances into the body. Then when the germs accumulate in the nasal cavity, causing inflammation and swelling of the lining of the nasal cavity. causing the airway to narrow until it is difficult to breathe finally breathing hard

Many people turn to prevent germs from entering the body by using the “nasal spray” drug that is now very popular. Because it’s not just a drug that will help in the treatment of rhinitis anymore. Rather, it is to maintain cleanliness inside the nose by means of “nose spray” by itself, choosing to prevent germs from entering the body easily.

The “nasal spray” category has an effect by constricting the blood vessels in the nasal mucosa. causing the nasal mucosa to swell Make the symptoms of nasal congestion clear up. The “nasal spray” type shrink tube works faster than the oral form. It is effective within 5-10 minutes after spraying or instilling the drug immediately. making it widely popular

Therefore, we would like to summarize the benefits that can be obtained when using the “nasal spray” drug.

heal and relieve Inflammation in the nasal cavity

Initial treatment of inflammation in the nasal cavity should use a “nasal spray” method to help relieve symptoms. The injection of the drug “nasal spray” to treat when there is inflammation inside the nose. It will be a specific treatment that can be treated immediately. See fast treatment results within 10 minutes, you will feel relieved nose. breathing more easily If done correctly, it will help relieve symptoms quickly. It’s not the same as taking pills. It will take effect more slowly than the direct “nasal spray” type.

Cleaning and disinfecting the nasal cavity

As for the cleaning of the nasal cavity, in the previous period, the method of rinsing the nose with pure, low-alkali saline was preferred. does not irritate the skin Can be cleaned for both children and adults But nowadays popular methods are quick and easy. The more obvious effect is to “spray the nose” by spraying. within the nasal cavity immediately will clean the inside It can kill germs and dissolve mucus. clear the airway to breathe more freely In the market now, there are also saline nasal sprays available in the market. Can be directly cleaned inside the nose Absolutely clean

Prevents germs from outside

Many brands of “nasal sprays” today contain antiseptic ingredients. that can eliminate germs in the nose immediately or germs around the nose as well Can trap and prevent viruses that spread in the air from entering the nasal mucosa. Filters out germs and viruses that enter the body through inhalation. As a result, many people use a “nasal spray” regularly, spraying when going in a place where there is a lot of dust. Or crowded areas that are at risk of contracting various viruses, carry a “nasal spray” with you every time.

Treatment of various types of respiratory diseases

The group of diseases that have problems with sinusitis is sinusitis. chronic nasopharyngitis air allergy which is the disease group that has the top patients of nasal problems Therefore, it is commonly used to treat or relieve symptoms with medication “nasal spray”. In some patients who do not have severe or severe symptoms, use “nasal spray” to prevent more severe symptoms. or in some groups of diseases such as air allergies, when there are triggers, dust, weather changes I have symptoms come up immediately. This group will use a “nasal spray” drug in spraying to kill germs and wash away dirt in the nasal cavity to prevent the symptoms from becoming more severe and พ่นจมูก causing other complications.

However, it’s important to understand before using a “nasal spray” when you are using a nasal spray. Side effects may occur later. which are rare, such as headache, palpitations, rapid heartbeat, lower blood pressure, or some may have nosebleeds If using the drug and having such symptoms, you should immediately stop the “nasal spray” and see a doctor immediately. Because there may be some drugs that cause allergic reactions. directly affects the body Which users may not know beforehand that they are allergic to which drugs, if forced to continue to use the “nasal spray” drug may cause rhinitis from the drug, therefore, the use of non-standard “nasal spray” drugs is not recommended. There is no clear medical documentation.